Transform your Body in 2 weeks with 7 Detox Water Recipes

First Things First – Increase the purity of your water

BPA free Water filter Pitcher by BRITA

Before jumping into the precise recipes, it is essential to make sure you drink healthy water. The H20 you get from your tap might not be the best. This is because water directly from the tap tends to be crammed full of unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. Consuming these alongside of the beneficial ingredients will only decrease the effectiveness of your detox.

So, before you add in the other ingredients, it is a good idea to run your water through a filter or softener.  First and foremost, filtration will help to improve the overall taste, while also stripping out bacterial contaminants and chlorine. Doing so will also stabilize and balance out the pH level of the drink.

Let me ask you: Would you drink plastic soup?

Because if you drink water from plastic bottles, you’re drinking water that has been transported in a warm 18-wheeler. The average plastic bottle contains Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic chemical that is released when the plastic heats up. BPA has been linked to various health threats.

So make sure you only drink water from a BPA-free container. There are good quality detox water bottles that are BPA-free and leak-free, come with a handy compartment for your ingredients, and don’t add to the other plastic soup in our oceans.

Ok, enough lecturing (sorry). Now you know how to get the best base for your detox drinks, it’s time to start making them! With every recipe I’ve included a recipe card as a handy reminder, enjoy